# NANOPARTICLE Token Sale NANOPARTICLE is a token issued on the Counterparty (XCP) platform over the Bitcoin blockchain. + https://xchain.io/asset/NANOPARTICLE When you purchase NANOPARTICLE tokens, your funds become liquidity for automated trading strategies over cryptocurrency exchanges. Trading profits are to be distributed to NANOPARTICLE holders every quarter as either: + Additional issuance of NANOPARTICLE (re-invest option) + Payout to all token-holders using the Counterparty "pay dividend" feature. as determined by communication with token-holders. You can trade NANOPARTICLE with other parties, however only token-holders will receive a dividend payout. NANOPARTICLE supply is locked. There can never be any more issued. ## News + 2017-12-06: The first tokens have been purchased. + 2017-12-13: Additional token distribution, accumulation phase launched. + 2017-12-13: Charts added. + 2017-12-18: First profits. + 2018-04-01: First payouts. + 2018-07-01: Second payouts. + 2018-07-22: Model price analysis chart added. + 2018-07-24: Daily volume analysis chart added. + 2018-08-05: HTTPS site-wide. + 2018-08-05: Dedicated charts site launched + 2018-09-05: Swapbot service suspended by vendor. + 2018-09-29: Third payouts. + 2019-01-01: Officially one full year of operation, 20% gains for 2018. + 2019-01-01: Fourth payouts. + 2019-01-16: Multiple exchange support, selection of strategies for adaptation. + 2019-04-01: Fifth quarter closed, no significant gains. + 2019-07-01: Sixth quarter closed, dividend deferred. + 2020-04-28: Project currently in care and maintenance pending new investment. ---- ## How to Purchase You can purchase NANOPARTICLE tokens by contacting us via the discord link below to conclude a sale. A Counterparty compatible wallet is required to purchase NANOPARTICLE tokens. Suitable web wallets include: + https://wallet.counterwallet.io + https://counterwallet.coindaddy.io Alternatively you can download a mobile Counterparty application: + https://wallet.indiesquare.me You will need to fund your selected wallet with sufficient Bitcoin to make a purchase, as well as pay Bitcoin transaction fees. More details on planning ahead for transaction fees are available on the (pending) Transaction Fees page. # Purchase Tokens Introductory Price: NANOPARTICLE are currently pegged at a price of 1000 satoshis (0.00001) BTC each. A minimum sale of 0.2 BTC is required. Please make sure your Counterparty wallet has sufficient Bitcoin for transaction fees. ---- # Dividend Schedule The following is the expected dividend schedule, with possible minor delays due to network congestion and transaction fees. It is preferred to minimise transaction fees and maximise reward, which could result in a slightly delay. Effective start date is set from 1 January 2018. | Date | Total BTC Gains | Percentage | | ---------- | ---------------:| ----------:| | 2018-04-01 | 0.21163210 | 13.77% | | 2018-07-01 | 0.03429088 | 2.31% | | 2018-10-01 | 0.03946765 | 2.47% | | 2019-01-01 | 0.04604282 | 2.34% | | **2018** | **0.33143345** | **20.89%** | | 2019-04-01 | 0.00000000 | 0.00% | | 2019-07-01 | 0.00000000 | 0.00% | ---- ## Transaction Fees > what fees can be expected for paying dividends? The dividend payment would be a single transaction to many outputs. An example is the following transaction on Tuesday, October 31st 2017 + https://www.blocktrail.com/BTC/tx/9a0f1d7f24b82245cb88105b9dc408924e398b44ac24bfcee0a1a002556cb59a On a transaction size of 235 bytes, the fee was 0.00048162 BTC (or 0.00204945 BTC/kb) 0.00688088 BTC was paid, but only 0.00639926 BTC was received after fees. Sources: + https://www.reddit.com/r/counterparty_xcp/comments/7d5e9n/what_would_be_the_fees_of_sending_out_small/ + https://xchain.io/tx/1108665 From this we can deduce that an average fee of 0.0005 btc is normal for a dividend payment, over and above the transaction fee getting those funds to the parent address, for a total of 0.0010 btc to distribute dividend payments. | Step | Transaction fee | | ----------------------------- | -------------------:| | Send to parent address | 0.0005| | Pay dividend to token holders | 0.0005| | **Total** | **0.0010 BTC**| Under current conditions (9 December 2017) with fees of 0.0009944 BTC for a single transaction | Step | Transaction fee | | ----------------------------- | -------------------:| | Send to parent address | 0.0009944| | Pay dividend to token holders | 0.0009944| | **Total** | **0.0019888 BTC**| Under extreme conditions, such as the recent all time high fees on 12 November 2017, with fees of 0.0021384 BTC for a single transaction | Step | Transaction fee | | ----------------------------- | -------------------:| | Send to parent address | 0.0021384| | Pay dividend to token holders | 0.0021384| | **Total** | **0.0042768 BTC**| If the dividend is less than the transaction fee required to distribute it, then it makes sense to wait for transaction fees to drop before paying the dividend. ---- # Minimum Viability As a rule NANOPARTICLE quarterly payouts will provision for the highest level bitcoin transaction fees on every payout, even if transaction fees are lower at that time. This means the minimum viable funds being traded is 0.03 Bitcoin, earning 5% profit a month, with dividend payout ranging from ~0.00023 to ~0.00320 bitcoin, to be split between all token holders. # Risks When you purchase NANOPARTICLE tokens you are giving your funds to another party to manage. This is considerably riskier than leaving them in a hardware wallet. We could run off with your funds, leaving you with NANOPARTICLE tokens which are worthless unless you can find someone else to buy them. Your loaned funds could be stolen from an exchange where they are being traded, by exchange owners or outside hackers. We will mitigate these risks by sticking to legitimate Bitcoin exchanges, and as funds grow, splitting trade up across multiple exchanges to spread out the risk of loss due to exchange security concerns. Additionally, the price of Bitcoin is volatile. You may see a return in additional Bitcoin, but the value of that return in fiat may be lower than expected if you bought during a bull run. # Buy Back Guarantee If you purchase NANOPARTICLES from us, we will buy them back at the price you paid for them. It might take a couple of days to unwind positions and transfer to your account and you will need to transfer the NANOPARTICLE tokens back to us at the same time. This exchange can be done in person, or via the DEX, or some mechanism of escrow. You will need sufficient Bitcoin to pay the transaction fees to send NANOPARTICLE back to us in return for your initial Bitcoin investment. In the event the initial investment was cash, a bank transfer can be arranged, but you will still need sufficient Bitcoin balance in your Counterparty-compatible wallet to perform the transaction of sending NANOPARTICLE back. # Terms + NANOPARTICLE holders will get detailed insight into balances and performance. + Trade logs will not be disclosed. + Bot code can be purchased for 1 Bitcoin. # Contact + [Like us on Facebook!](https://www.facebook.com/nanoparticle.space/) + [Join our Discord!](https://discord.gg/2EXUGuR) # Charts Charts are offline.